Frequently Asked Questions

My Services

Do you only play house music?

I’m an all-round DJ and play music that gets the audience excited. Although my personal favorite is House music, I also enjoy playing music from other eras and genres. My main style consists of various house sub-genres, but I also enjoy performing contemporary danceable hits from various genres. As long as the audience has fun, I creatively mix different styles around my characteristic sound.

Are all your mixsets as energetic?

This differs. I always try to build up the energy during the night.
Starting with familiar tracks with a medium energy level towards high energy level music.

What sets you apart from other DJ’s?

I bring many years of passion for dance music. Over the years I’ve loved several house and dance sub-genres. It is this experience that I love to incorporate in my sets. By always being able to incorporate unexpected throwback-tracks in combination with my funky style, I create an experience you will remember. Add to that the fact that I make my own DJ edits of famous tracks and do live mashups and you have a unique experience that appeals to a wide audience.

Do you take requests?

Yes. I like to hear what makes the audience happy on the evening. In addition, it is good if the musical preferences of the client are known in advance. This makes your favorite tracks really a part of the show.

How do you keep your music collection up-to-date?

Each week I browse various music sources, not only radio charts and popular Shazams, but also professional DJ organizations that provide the latest songs curated specifically towards the profession.
From the professional DJ organisations I also get special remixes of popular tracks that make my performances recognizable and a bit more special. In addition, with my own DJ edits of existing tracks I make my performances completely personal.

Pricing & Logistics

What’s your rate?

I have a range of packages depending on your event. The costs vary between €200 and €700, depending on the duration and preparation needed. Just reach out and I can quickly provide an estimate!

Are there additional fees, like travel expenses or extra costs for special musical requests?

The fee I provide is 100% the entire fee. I have several subscriptions with online music services, so the music I use is completely covered.

What gear do you bring? And what should we supply?

I will bring my professional (Pioneer) DJ controller, but if the venue already has a ‘Club Standard setup’ (Pioneer CDJ2000’s en DJM900 mixer) available, that won’t be necessary of course.
Many venues already have a Professional Audio (PA) system, consisting of professional grade active, powered speakers. If this is not the case, I can provide a PA system (at extra cost). Depending on the size of the venue and the number of guests, we have to take a look at the capacity of the available PA system.

Do you supply lighting?

If the venue does not have suitable lighting for the dance floor, I can also provide a lighting system as an extra for the right atmosphere. This consists of multicolored LED light (pars) which I control by means of DMX. The light comes into its own with my smoke machine.

How much time will you need for setup and breakdown on the day of the event?

I need 60-90 minutes to setup most events and 30-60 minutes to break down.

How long in advance do I need to book you for my event?

In most cases I require one or two weeks. For a wedding one month is better because of preparation and consultation. If you have a need any sooner, contact me and we’ll chat.